Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is defined as the application of a mixture of minimum 95% oxygen and maximum 5% ozone, produced by a medical ozone device, to the patient's body cavity or circulatory system. In ozone therapy, application methods can be local or systemic. While systemic treatments provide benefits to the body as a whole, local applications are effective in treatment in a specific area. The main application method in ozone treatment is Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH). In this application, either the oxygen-ozone mixture is added to the blood taken from the patient and given back to the patient through the vein, or the Serum Physiological is ozonated and given to the patient through the vein. In Minor Auto-
Hemotherapy application, it is an intramuscular application by adding ozone to the blood taken from the patient. If it is local application; It is an application made into the joint, body cavities (Rectum, Vagina, Into the Ear).

Ozone that encounters the blood during ozone applications is broken down into oxygen and oxygen radicals. The hydrogen peroxide and lipid peroxide products formed in the blood plasma activate the body's natural antioxidant enzymes. The synthesis of proteins that are effective in tissue regeneration increases and causes the stimulation of mediator products of the immune system. This event, which temporarily changes the redox balance of the plasma, is called therapeutic shock. This situation triggers the body's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, revealing the effect of ozone therapy.
There are thousands of ozonotherapy clinics in many countries in the world such as Germany, England, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, as well as private hospitals that only perform ozone therapy and a chair at Siena University in Italy.

* Increases oxygenation of tissues and cells. It eliminates OXYGEN DEFICIENCY by increasing the elasticity of red blood cells (cells carrying red oxygen in the blood) and accelerating their passage through capillaries.
* It reduces the consistency of the blood, provides its fluidity. It regulates BLOOD CIRCULATION by softening the plaques on the vessel wall and dissolving the plugs in the small blood vessels. It provides NORMALIZATION of TENSION with its effect on the vessel wall.
* Prevents the proliferation and spread of fast growing cancer cells. It prevents the proliferation and spread of cancer cells by breaking the membranes of tumor cells and acting on the immune system.
* By providing oxygen and metabolic balance in the tissues, it STRENGTHENs its efficacy by increasing tissue sensitivity to classical cancer treatments such as CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIOTHERAPY, MINIMIZING SIDE EFFECTS.
* By accelerating intracellular respiration, it increases the production of ATP, which is the ENERGY necessary for the functions of the cell. It creates a more energetic and functional body.
* By activating liver cells, increasing kidney filtration and DETOXING FEATURE of the skin, it helps to cleanse our body of chemical substances (heavy metal poisoning such as chronic lead, mercury, insecticides, drug wastes, acidic substances, by accelerating the removal of pesticide residues).
* It shows PAIN RELIEF feature by releasing the natural painkillers in our body.
* Helps to treat diseases such as ALLERGY AND ASTHMA with its immunomodulator (immune system regulator) effect.

Diabetic Foot, non-healing wounds, bed and pressure ulcers, infected-inflamed wounds, bone infections such as osteomyelitis, treatment of wounds due to vascular occlusion, treatment of surgery and birthmarks, skin diseases such as hand-foot fungus and eczema

CIRCULATION DISORDERS AND VASCULAR OCCLUSIONS: In the treatment of hypertension by relaxing the smooth muscles on the walls of the vessels, reducing the intravascular pressure, in the treatment of embolism by
re-xygenating the tissues, regenerating the capillaries and providing the blood supply to the tissue, reducing the coagulation and thus the consistency of the blood, and also in the treatment of embolism by helping to dissolve the blockage in the vessels. in the destruction of the fat layer on the wall that causes atherosclerosis.

OZONETHERAPY IN CANCER: Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Otto Warburg, in his Nobel Prize-winning work, said that the main cause of cancer is life without oxygen and that lack of oxygen facilitates the spread of cancer. In addition, it has been observed that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment, and when sufficient oxygen is provided, the nutrition of the tumor tissue is impaired and the tumor cells die. Therefore, it has been determined that ozone is not only an application that kills tumor cells, but also has an immune system strengthening effect as a complement. It has been found that it has been used quite successfully as a complementary treatment by preventing the side effects of
chemotherapy and radiotherapy and increasing the lethal effects of chemotherapy-radiotherapy on the tumor. In addition to its direct tumor-killing effect in cancer treatment, it has been scientifically proven to increase the lethal effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy on the tumor as a complement - strengthening the immune system - and to help minimize the negative effects of KT and RT.

IN INFECTION, VIRUS DISEASES AND HEPATITIS: In all types of hepatitis, ozonotherapy has proven to be a GOLDEN STANDARD treatment by both directly destroying the outer wall-envelope of the hepatitis virus with its antimicrobial effect and stimulating the secretion of INTERFERON with its effect on the immune system. While hepatitis A can recover completely and without problems compared to others, the other form of the virus, hepatitis B, often has a chronic course. Here, in addition to classical medical treatment methods, successful results have been obtained with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is also applied in hepatitis C disease. In viral diseases such as AIDS, shingles, herpes, avian flu, and SARS, ozone strengthens the immune system and is effective with direct contact with the virus. In slow virus infections such as SSPE seen after measles, and in all virus infections of the brain (Encephalitis), In viral diseases of the lung such as influenza and frequent upper respiratory tract and bronchitis,

LIVER DISEASES: It helps in the functions of liver cells and regulates carbohydrate, fat and protein levels. Thus, it normalizes the level of fat and sugar in the blood. It is used as a support in liver failure and cirrhosis by providing regeneration of liver cells. It ensures that liver inflammation, the damage of drugs and chemicals on the liver is minimal.

OZONETHERAPY IN GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASES: Ozone therapy has proven to be very useful in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, and inflammatory bowel diseases (such as Ulcerative Colitis, proctitis and other types of Colitis and Spastic colon).

OZONTHERAPY IN RENAL AND UROLOGICAL DISEASES: In all kidney and bladder inflammations, urinary tract infections and prostate disorders, Especially "Ozone Sauna" by stimulating sweat glands, by increasing sweating and neutralizing the toxins stored in the adipose tissue, it can be used through the skin, lungs, kidneys and intestines. It helps the kidney by accelerating the excretion of chemical substances. In patients on dialysis, heavy metals, which require kidneys to work for 24 hours, are discharged in 15 minutes by sweating in the sauna. For this reason, home-type ozone sauna is recommended for severe kidney patients undergoing dialysis.

IN MUSCLE, NERVE, BONE, JOINT DISEASES: In muscle diseases and traumas (such as accident and sports injuries); It accelerates healing, regulates circulation, prevents nerve damage and facilitates repair. It is also used in chronic muscle and nerve diseases as it makes the muscles stronger. In general, it is recommended to use ozone therapy with physical therapy or other treatments for complementary purposes. Since the immune system is regulated in diseases caused by the deviation of the immune system such as rheumatoid arthritis, rapid recovery is observed when used together with other treatments. It is also used successfully in fibromyalgia, a very common disease with intense muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disorders. IN WAIST AND NECK Hernias: by repairing the deformed disc between the vertebrae, it reduces the possibility of surgery and provides a HIGHER TREATMENT RATE than SURGERY.

IN JOINT ATTRACTIONS: It has been determined that in joint calcification, gonarthrosis, which has not developed bone deformation, in addition to other ozonotherapy methods, ozone injections into the joint both create an air cushion in the joint and reduce joint swelling, relieve pain, and also ensure the re-repair of cartilage tissue.

IN NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES: Ozone therapy can be used in nervous diseases by increasing brain oxygenation and as a vascular regulator. It has positive effects in muscle-nerve

diseases such as children with spastic CP, cerebral palsy, SSPE, cerebral encephalitis such as cerebral hemorrhage, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, circulatory disorders in the brain manifested by symptoms such as decreased physical capacity, walking difficulties and dizziness in cases of reduced cerebral blood supply or oxygenation. .

IN PAIN TREATMENT: In addition to healing in neurons and muscles, it causes pain relief by acting as an analgesic (pain reliever) in the central nervous system. With the direct application of ozone gas, nerve blockage can also be performed in severe pain. It facilitates the treatment of pain by reducing the effect of pain-causing substances.

STRENGTHENING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: It is necessary to strengthen the immune system in those who have frequent infections and are at risk of cancer. As an immune modulator (Immune System Regulator), it activates the organism's own resistance (immune system) when given in low and medium doses. It accelerates and facilitates the phagocytosis event, which is one of the killing mechanisms of microbes. Increases the number of defense cells (especially white cells). It increases the production of the substance that provides the defense called INTERLEUKIN, which is secreted by the defense cells. OZONETHERAPY FOR SKIN AND HAIR DISEASES: Increases regional blood circulation. Thanks
to ozone penetrating blood, lymph and skin cells, the healing and self-renewal of tissues is accelerated. Ozone therapy is very successful in diseases such as all skin diseases and in skin infections caused by viruses (herpes, shingles), bacteria and fungi, skin lesions such as acne, furuncles, abscesses, itchy and rash allergic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis (Psoriasis), hives (urticaria), scleroderma, in the prevention of male and female pattern hair loss, in diseases such as dandruff, lubrication, ringworm, and in preventing the smell of sweat.

OZONETHERAPY FOR COSMETIC PURPOSE: Ozone therapy is applied in the correction of age-related wrinkles, the correction of surgical and scars (scar, keloid), the removal of facial scars, eyelids and bags, the melting of abdominal, belly, hip and hip fat. In addition to these, it has been found that ozone treatment is more effective than traditional treatments with almost one hundred percent improvement in cellulite, which is the fearful dream of women, by providing waist thinning. Ozone therapy, based on cell oxygenation, acts to clean the skin cells with oxygen. Cosmetological ozone applications, in addition to other ozonotherapy methods, are carried out in a cabin that is given OZONE SAUNA as well as
OZOMESOTHERAPY with direct subcutaneous ozone injections. Ozone activates the tissue blood circulation by allowing the steam to enter the upper epidermis layer of the skin and fill that area with oxygen. It acts by interacting with the fatty acids accumulated in the skin, breaking the fat chains and removing them from the body, increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, improving the blood flow in the capillaries, and normalizing the metabolism of the adipose tissue cells. Ozomesotherapy has a more successful and permanent effect than classical mesotherapy methods.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM DISEASES AND ASTHMA: With its immunomodulatory and germicidal effect, it reduces drugs in the treatment of diseases such as ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, PNEUMONIA, TUBERCULOSIS, COPD, and causes allergy and asthma attacks to occur with

less severity and frequency. Successful results are obtained especially in asthma and allergic bronchitis.

OZONTHERAPY IN HEART DISEASES: In all heart diseases, ozonotherapy is used to support other treatment methods. It is effective in heart failures, heart muscle diseases, occlusion of coronary vessels, by increasing oxygenation, lowering intravascular pressure, reducing the fluidity of blood, regulating cardiac conduction and therefore rhythm, reducing the load in front of the heart.

OZONETHERAPY FOR EYE DISEASES: In the treatment of age-related circulatory disorders in various degrees of damage to the visual center and nerve in the eye, which is called the retina, it has been determined that within 6-8 months after the application of ozone, visual improvements are observed, and if the treatment is continued, visual performance is increased or worsening is stopped.

IN CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME AND STRESS SITUATION: Stress in business life, intense work pace, mental and physical fatigue cause oxygen deficiency. Headache, exhaustion, fatigue, weakening of working power, decreased joy of life, premature aging, and wear of vital organs are the leading signs of oxygen deficiency. In the absence of oxygen, dysfunctions occur with calcifications in the vessels, brain, heart, joints, spinal cord and lungs, and diseases occur. In the chronic fatigue syndrome, which is the disease of our age, people feel tired and exhausted, as if they have carried a ton of burden, even though they do not do a job that requires fatigue, and they become unable to move. Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is quite difficult but not impossible with ozon therapy. Effects of ozone therapy on chronic fatigue syndrome and stress; Ozone provides the breakdown of adrenaline in the body, which is called the stress
hormone, and reduces our stress. With the activation of red and white blood cells, it increases general well-being and makes people more energetic. It purifies the harmful substances that we take with the air we breathe and the foods we eat
and that poison people. It provides the removal of lactic acid, which accumulates by increasing the amount of oxygen in the muscles and causes fatigue. It provides the restart of the functioning of organs and cells that are disrupted due to lack of oxygen. It increases the energy in cells and tissues, improves the functions of brain cells and strengthens memory.

ANTIAGING TE OZONETHERAPY: The reason we lose our health is mostly free radical substances formed during the functioning of the cell, which turn into harmful substances

(toxins) when they cannot be removed from the body in sufficient time and amount. With ozone therapy, which aims to ensure healthy aging and staying young, it is in your hands to protect your youth and stay vigorous for many years! There is, of course, much to be done for this purpose. One of them is “ozone therapy”. The aim in anti-aging is to slow down aging as much as possible and to ensure the healthy aging of the body as a whole and beingphysically healthy. It is  possible to achieve all the effects intended in the antiaging program with Ozontherapy; Thanks to ozone, a better use of oxygen is provided by the tissues, the immune system is activated, followed by the activation of the body's own antioxidants and other cells that fight against free radicals. Cells breathe just like humans. For this, the presence of oxygen molecules in the environment at the cellular level is essential. Cells that have not been adequately oxygenated for a long time due to aging can now perform their functions at a higher rate after ozone treatment. Ozone significantly increases physical endurance and quality of life, as well as anti-aging effects. It allows the skin to renew itself. OZONETHERAPY IN DETOX: According to the data of the US Environmental Protection Agency, there are more than 3000 chemicals in our food. Toxins and chemicals, drug residues, artificial chemicals and food preservatives stored in our fat tissues destroy healthy tissues and cells. This is the cause of many diseases and aging. Detox with ozone is a treatment that removes toxins from the body. With any of the ozone application methods, especially ozone sauna, these accumulated toxins and chemicals are excreted through the skin. The air we breathe, the water we eat and drink, toxins and pollutants slowly enter our body and are absorbed through our skin. Ozone therapy works like a third kidney and a
second lung system, helping the body to detoxify.

STRENGTHENING INTELLIGENCE AND MEMORY: For many reasons, oxygen passing from our lungs to the blood may be low, or oxygen going to the brain may be low, or blood flow to the brain may be insufficient. Ozone provides great benefits in strengthening memory. Harmful substances that have lost their electrons, namely free radicals, combine with the tissues they find and render them unable to function. This effect starts in the 30s, progresses increasingly in the 40s, and increases well from the 50s, causing a noticeable aging and many diseases. The slowing effect of free radicals on brain functions can be eliminated by ozone therapy. In order to ensure development, people with physical and
mental disability have a positive effect with other treatments such as physical therapy. In scientific studies among students, the reason why students who do sports are more intelligent is that they have increased oxygenation in the body with exercise. It has been observed that ozone therapy applied to students preparing for exams increases attention, concentration and memory, and strengthens memory.

DOPING AND OZONETHERAPY FOR ATHLETES: It is seen that the majority of those who receive ozonetherapy often use the phrases "I feel like I'm born again, I can't stay still, a few hours of sleep is enough for me, I can uproot the tree". One of the frequently asked questions is "Is there a doping effect or can it be used for doping purposes in athletes?" . It is not correct to call it doping, because ozone is a natural treatment method that increases oxygenation. Performance is maximized by ozone therapy in athletes. In the West, especially in Germany, businessmen and athletes receive intensive ozone therapy. It has been known for a long time that 2 or 3 applications are made to the national team and 
Bayern Munich team players in Germany before the big matches. In Germany, football teams take ozone saunas with them wherever they go.

OZONETHERAPY IN ADDICTION TREATMENT AND CIGATING SMOKING: Ozonetherapy is used in addiction treatment by stimulating the synthesis of biologically active substances (catecholamine, serotonin, histamine, etc.), endogenous detoxification mechanisms (pH restoration, decrease in nitrogen metabolism end products, improvement in liver, kidney and lung functions) and all due to the improvement in the oxygenation of the blood in the body; It allows more rapid and effective elimination of severe abstinence situations in cigarette, alcohol and drug addiction. Appetite improves, sleep becomes normal, muscle pain and the intensity of addiction decrease.

CORRECTION OF SEXUAL FUNCTIONS: Ozone therapy has observed a high increase in sexual functions due to the increase in energy caused by the increase in blood supply and oxygenation.

OZONETHERAPY IN DENTISTRY: It is used to prevent dental caries and for treatment purposes in newly started caries.

MAJOR AUTOHEMOTHERAPY (BLOOD WASHING) METHOD; It is taking 50-200 ml of blood and giving it back to the person after mixing it with the ozone of which the dose is determined. SERUM OZONATION: It is the intravenous administration of Serum Physiological to the person after being saturated with ozone.
MINOR AUTOHEMOTHERAPY (INTRAMUSCULAR) METHOD: 2–5 ml of blood taken from the person is mixed with the determined dose of ozone and injected into the muscle.
SUBCUTANEOUS INJECTION METHOD; In skin diseases, the determined dose and volume of ozone gas is injected under the skin with a fine-tipped needle.
INHALATION METHOD; It is the breathing of “OZOL” gas obtained from ozone gas passed through olive oil. Normally, when ozone gas is directly inhaled, it has a burning effect, on the contrary, OZOL gas does not have a burning effect and it has been determined that it is 10 times more effective.
APPLICATION IN AND AROUND THE JOINT; It is the application of ozone gas into or around the joint.
BAGGING; It is the injection of ozone gas by placing the feet or hands in a plastic bag.
CUPPING METHOD: It is the application of ozone, similar to the method of the ancients called “pressing a cup”.

OZONE SAUNA: It is a method of absorbing ozone as a result of moisturizing the skin by increasing steam or heat on the entire skin. Sitting or lying in the cabins called sauna, the head is allowed to sweat outside. After the pores are opened, the body is ozonized by giving ozone gas to the environment for 20-30 minutes. For this method, which takes place in a completely painless and painless pleasant environment, the patient should not be too full and should consume plenty of fluids. APPLICATION IN AND AROUND THE MASS: It is the application of ozone into the masses such as tumors, oil glands.
TOPICAL AUTOHEMOTHERAPY: It is a method based on the use of one's own blood in WOUND TREATMENT by ozonation.
PRP and OZONETHERAPY: PRP is an effective method for cell repair and regeneration based on obtaining stem cell (platelet) rich serum by treating one's own blood with centrifugation and special substances, and injecting this serum into the skin, intra-articular or diseased areas by ozonation.
APPLICATION OF OZONED PRODUCTS: It is applied as external application of ozonated liquids such as ozonated water, ozonated oil.
HAIR OZONATION: It is the application of ozone under the skin to the hairy area of ​​the head with ozone gas or a device similar to that in hairdressers. It is used in hair diseases and loss.

Although it has no side effects;
* In the first 3 (three) months of pregnancy,
* In the absence of an enzyme (GL-6-F Dehydrogena) in the red blood cells (FAVISM-BEAN
* Those who use excessive alcohol,
* Hyperthyroidism (in those with overworked thyroid gland),
* Those with advanced anemia and bleeding-coagulation disorders,
* In newly developed heart infarction and brain hemorrhages,
* People who take drugs that suppress the defense system (for example, who have had an
organ transplant) and whose defense system has completely collapsed,
* Patients with advanced tumors
* In unconscious people

* OZONETHERAPY MUST BE CAREFULLY AND CONTROLLED for those who have an allergy or
intolerance (intolerance) to ozone.
The effect of ozone in the body varies depending on its intensity and the dose it is used in.
The ozonetherapist, a trained doctor, determines the treatment protocols to be applied
according to the patient's condition and the type of disease.
With ozone therapy, many diseases can be helped to heal or completely healed.
Thousands of scientific studies have been done proving the scientificity of ozonetherapy and
it is a treatment method that has been determined to be effective. OZONETHERAPY IS
Ozone therapy has a cheap, simple and practical application. OZONE THERAPY IS A RELIABLE

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