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ONDAMED means "frequency medicine" in Latin. It is based on PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) as a technology.

ONDAMED technology was developed by German engineer Rolf Binder based on PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and bioresonance technologies. Rolf Binder, who played an active role in the development of the first bioresonance devices in the world, directed his studies to PEMF in the late 90s and succeeded in combining the experience in bioresonance technology with PEMF technology. ONDAMED-PEMF therapy, which performs "octaves of color frequencies" and can also test whether the frequency given through biofeedback resonates or which frequency group is more effective, and thus can offer personalized therapies, with European medical device approval and approved by FDA. It is a class-2
medical treatment device.

"Pulsing Electromagnetic Field" (PEMF); It is the use of electromagnetic pulses at specific frequencies that form the body to stimulate the micro-electrical circulation in the tissue and to intervene-balance the meridian system. This micro-electric field created with the help of ONDAMED device causes different biological responses depending on electromagnetic field parameters such as amplitude frequency and waveform. Experience in bioresonance therapies with magnetic frequencies; specific to that person – that a specific frequency unique to that person (that moment) is a “key” to stimulate the natural healing process and when this specific parameter is used, a healing reaction begins in the body that manifests itself on many levels. In ONDAMED therapies, the electromagnetic field determined in personal parameters is produced with the help of the device's applicators. The electromagnetic field mentioned in ONDAMED is between 0.1 Hz and 32 kHz and It is created with the help of electrodes that produce electromagnetic fields with a milliTesla intensity in the range of 0.5 to 50 and focused on tissue (or body parts associated with

There is an important piece of information we have gained from space exploration. Astronauts going into space need frequency generators that produce certain frequencies in the space cabin to stay “healthy”. In other words, some defined frequencies remind our body that we are still in this world. Otherwise, astronauts lose their health. ONDAMED; uses these defined "natural frequencies", frequency ranges associated with organs and meridians, with ONDAMED's 20 years of experience. The octaves of the frequencies used (as described below) also coincide with the color (visible light frequencies).

ONDAMED is based on PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) as a technology. However, the basis of this treatment systematic is the biofeedback "pulse test" that enables the therapist to reach the special needs of that individual. PEMF pulses are thought to propagate through the body through the neural network. For this reason, ONDAMED treatment includes a neck applicator that hangs on the neck and is directed towards the  brain stem. Nerve cells are cells with electrical properties, and when the PEMF pulses used in ONDAMED resonate with the body's energy system, that is, when the lock and key match, a "stimulation" spreads over the neural network and you can easily feel this nervous stimulation spreading in the body over the pulse. possible.

In the ONDAMED session, in the first stage, the electromagnetic frequency group that resonates the most with the body within 5 minutes is determined with the help of biofeedback, and in the second stage, the "weak" body regions or blockage areas that resonate the most with these frequencies are determined. The weak body area found in the ONDAMED test provides valuable information about the hidden causes of the symptom and the disease that cannot be obtained by any other method. For example; If the kidneys are resonating violently in a person with tinnitus, this can be a valuable clue to the patient's hidden (and possibly more important) problem. Or, it can be seen that the frequency groups used for a certain indication interact more during the pulse test.

The PULSE TEST can reveal many problems that the patient ignores or forgets to express. It is a test repeated every few sessions that provides valuable information about the energetic nature of the body and often guides treatments.

In the last 50 years, scientists have tried to develop methods to diagnose diseases withelectromagnetic waves. With X-ray devices, tomography devices, MR devices and others... 
Apart from diagnostic devices, ONDAMED, with its unique technology, has made it possible to use electromagnetic frequencies for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in a wide range of indications. When the PEMF beats made with ONDAMED are personalized, it is possible to find the underlying problem in all kinds of chronic health problems, to pay attention to it, and to direct the therapy to the main cause.

Octaves of colors.

The electromagnetic pulses used in the ONDAMED system are PEMF pulses at a specific frequency, these frequencies are octaves of colors. An octave of a frequency can also be defined as the repetition of the same information at a different energy level. To give an example of sounds, the "C" note's equivalents in different energy bands are the "C" sounds in different octaves. We hear "C" notes of different octaves as thicker or thinner "C" sounds. Likewise, the octave of a color is the equivalent of that "color information" in another energy band.

ONDAMED, with its 20 years of experience, uses frequency ranges associated with organs and meridians. The octaves of the frequencies used also coincide with the color frequencies. "Color octaves", which are used as measurable electromagnetic vibrations in the ONDAMED system, can be seen with the help of computer software. With this feature, the ONDAMED system can also be considered as a combination of PEMF and bioresonance color therapies.
Unlike bioresonance, ONDAMED creates "measurable" electromagnetic fields produced by the device's applicator, which are between 0.1 and 50 milliTesla and can heat the area where the electrode is applied to a maximum of 1 degree Celsius. In therapies, electromagnetic fields produced and focused at these frequencies are used.

With ONDAMED, in a few minutes, information about the weak and strong parts of the body and which frequency groups will initiate the change, can be obtained in a depth that cannot

be obtained with any other method. When the therapy is started, the frequency generating electrodes of the device are placed on the problem area found during the test and started. ONDAMED, briefly; It raises the electrical potential of the body region identified as energetically weak at "specific frequencies".
ONDAMED system has received FDA APPROVAL for neurological diseases and EUROPEAN MEDICAL DEVICE APPROVAL for use in allergies, chronic diseases, depression, inflammatory diseases, functional problems, low immunity, pain, spine and joint problems, wound healing and infections. By looking at the approvals received, the studies done or the case reports from the world, ONDAMED can also be used for many different health problems listed below.

Balancing the immune system
In hormonal imbalances
In all kinds of mental problems
Specifically in Lyme disease
In fibromyalgias
in urinary incontinence problems
In those who have had a stroke
In neuropathic pain
In multiple sclerosis,
Chronic neurological problems such as myasthenia gravis
In any painful condition
Muscle and joint pain
In spine problems
Any painful condition involving bone, cartilage or tendons
Healing of bone fractures
In osteoporosis
In osteoarthritis
Reducing inflammation and edema in the body
In the healing of injured tissue after surgeries, accidents
In cartilage problems that cannot be solved
in depression
Panic attack treatment
In mental problems including psychotic nature
Alzheimer's-like degenerative neurological disorders
in autism
In resistant infections
in vertigo
In insomnia problem
Migraine and similar chronic headaches
In digestive system problems

In unstable hypertension
Cardiac-circulatory problems such as cardiac arrhythmias
in thrombosis
In cholesterol problems
Asthma and other respiratory problems
In addition, it can be used on its own or "to support other treatments" in many symptoms
and health problems for which the cause is not understood and the solution cannot be fully found.

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