It is a bioinformative health screening system that provides information about more than 250 parameters by scanning all systems and organs in the body in a very short time, approximately 90 seconds.

How BioScan Works
It measures electromagnetic waves coming from cells. It records electromagnetic signals of healthy tissues and non-healthy tissues. It documents these signal differences in the form of interpretable reports by systematically classifying them with electronic software. In this way, a quick idea about all organs can be obtained very quickly. The findings obtained with the measurement results are only a guiding fast scanning system for diagnosis. It gives an idea about which direction to examine for a definitive diagnosis. Since the method is a biophysical method, it is not always compatible with biochemical findings such as laboratory findings.

Because the biophysical findings detected by BioScan can show functional disorders at the energy level where organic changes in the tissues, that is, diseases in the classical sense, do not exist, while the biochemical findings can only show the disorders at the organic level, where diseases occur in residual tissues.

How is BioScan Applied?
There is no need to take blood or tissue samples from the patient. Only the patient is asked to hold a pen-shaped conductive electrode attached to the device. It creates very detailed analysis reports by measuring all electromagnetic signals coming from the body in about 2 minutes.

What is in Analysis Reports?
• Elasticity, resistance, viscosity of heart and brain vessels, cholesterol crystals and blood fats, pumping functions of the heart
• Gastrointestinal secretions, movements, flora status
• Liver functions and adiposity
• Kidney functions
• Lung functions and capacities
• Condition of brain tissue and memory
• Condition of discs in the spine, waist-neck calcification,
• Rheumatic diseases,
• Degree of adhesion in the shoulders,
• The degree of nutrition of the joints and the level of wear in the ligaments
• Bone diseases and osteoporosis
• Blood insulin, sugar, lipid levels
• Status of trace elements in the body, levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, phosphorus selenium, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt and other trace elements
• Vitamin levels
• Amino acid levels
• Coenzyme levels
• Fatty acid levels
• Hormone levels
• State of the immune system

• Tobacco, pesticides, electromagnetic radiations, levels of heavy metals that are toxic to the body
• Homotoxins pesticides
• Basic physical measurements: lack of water, acidosis, hypoxia, mental strength


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