Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a treatment approach that prioritizes the patient, not the disease, and offers a personalized treatment plan, taking into account that each disease may have similar complaints, but the root causes of these complaints may be different in each individual
It is a personalized treatment that evaluates the genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors of each patient in detail and tries to treat the patient by using these data.

In the prevention, early detection and treatment of chronic complex diseases, a large number of different and simultaneous interventions to the basic biological imbalances of the individual, provided that they are specific to the individual, the underlying causes of the disease and this information is aimed at reversing the disease from the way it came by working with the individual. It is an approach to health that aims to use (M Atasoy)

In Classical Medicine; It is investigated what kind of disease the person has. Functional Medicine is; What kind of person is the disease…

In classical medicine, the organ is usually treated. In Functional Medicine, the organism is treated.

Functional Medicine focuses on maintaining and restoring health.

Classical Medicine focuses on disease management.

Functional medicine claims to offer a better solution for chronic inflammatory diseases for which standard medical practices have not been very successful in curing them completely. What we call chronic inflammatory diseases are diseases that cover many diseases from cardiovascular diseases to cancer, from Hashimoto's thyroiditis to rheumatological disorders, from Multiple Sclerosis to allergies and asthma. The underlying cause of all these diseases is largely chronic inflammation. For this reason, functional medicine support makes a very positive contribution to standard medical treatment in all these diseases. However, functional medicine applications for these patients should be done by communicating with the relevant branch doctors.

While standard medical practices focus more on differential diagnosis and naming the disease, and the application of drugs and surgeries that match the disease. Functional medicine focuses on finding the underlying functional disorder rather than the name or region of the disease, reveals the cause of the disease with advanced laboratory tests, and then applies treatments to eliminate the cause. Functional medicine does not use the idiopathic (disease of unknown cause) concept, which is frequently used in standard medicine ( (M. ATASOY)

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