Kinesiology means "control of energy flow in moving muscles". One of the most important methods of kinesiology practitioners is "muscle tests". Thus, imbalances in the muscle system can be revealed. The kinesiology practitioner applies
gentle pressures on various muscles. Normally functioning muscles can withstand this pressure, while muscles with low energy respond to this pressure. Thus, energy blockages in the body are revealed. In order to overcome these blockages, techniques such as massages applied to certain reflex points and relaxation techniques are used. Apart from that, the mere application of muscle tests can improve the energy flow. Many patients can feel it in their body. In other words, they feel relaxed, balanced and relaxed. The test of the muscles is their way of communicating with our subconscious. Used in kinesiology as a way of communicating with your whole being, muscle testing makes it impossible to fool yourself. The energy flow in our muscles changes according to our positive or negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We can also define kinesiology as a biocomputer. The power of the life energy circulating in the muscles is different in different moods, positive and negative beliefs, when we feel what we like / dislike, when we tell the truth or lie. We can test ourselves, our subconscious beliefs, and find the root causes of our problems, with the reaction we get from our muscles even when we tell a lie to ourselves. With kinesiology techniques, we can discover our subconscious programs that sabotage us and change them to support us. Kinesiology has been used in many fields since then, with methods developed based on the Applied Kinesiology studies initiated by Dr.JohnGoodheart in 1964. Research is still being done to apply it to brand new fields. Many practitioners created and developed their own technique over time, resulting in many branches of kinesiology. Many people in the world who are open to alternative approaches think that kinesiology is the most advanced and natural healing technique today. In addition to testing subconscious beliefs, kinesiology is used to test, balance and correct how the body is affected by various substances and environmental factors, physical problems, emotional imbalances, learning blocks, blockages that prevent individual and spiritual development.

CONNECTING KINESIOLOGY AND “QI” ENERGY; Life energy, known by different names such as Prana, Chi, Ki in different cultures, flows along the acupuncture lines of the body. The Arm-pull-down test, or Delta test used in kinesiology is actually an energy test. PiKi (holistic kinesiology) is a teaching system that allows us to use the love, wisdom and healing power of universal energy for the benefit of ourselves and others, by ensuring that our conscious and subconscious beliefs support each other. Is there anything more precious in our life? We have only one life. We can also live it as an ordinary life, complaining, blaming others, unhappy and insatiable, at best an average ordinary life, or we can choose to live a life that is really quality, that we enjoy and that gives us material and moral satisfaction. Such a life requires being conscious and living with awareness. For this, it is very important that we never lose the sense of curiosity, which is the most basic indicator of intelligence. Being open to learning and development is an indispensable element of a quality life. Many of us struggle throughout our lives to; ourselves. In other words, we believe that we can achieve peace with
ourselves by fighting. Our “soldiers” are our increased knowledge and will to fight ourselves. We believe that our army is strong. At the end of the war, perhaps we will gain a victory; we keep our diet, we don't smoke, we stop drinking. But the feeling of "victory" is temporary, our weaknesses eventually take over us again. We can end relationships that hurt us for a while; but in the end, we either return to that relationship or experience similar problems with our new partner. Even if we change our job due to some problems, we will still encounter similar problems in our new job. Briefly; we experience the same problems again in our new job, in our new spouse, in the city we just moved to. The real solution is to be
free from our programs that don't support us. Even if we are very knowledgeable and successful in other areas of life, as long as these programs exist within us, they will prevent us from revealing our true potential and reduce our life satisfaction and satisfaction. PiKi offers us quick ways to free ourselves from our negative programs; Even if these are problems that we have been struggling with for many years and have tried every way to overcome but could not overcome. These negative problems express themselves as negative beliefs, fears, phobias, depression, pessimism, addictions, physical illnesses or pains. We usually accept these problems as part of ourselves (weaknesses). Personal growth and spiritual growth are one and the same thing. What is called development is to be aware of the automatic and robotic life that a person continues with his subconscious childhood programs, and to live the life he chooses (with satisfaction) by creating his own original program consciously. If we think about it, we will better understand the importance of our beliefs being beliefs that support us. That's why PiKi is truly Law of Attraction education.

RELATIONSHIP OF CONSCIOUSNESS, SUBCONSCIOUS AND SUPERCONSCIOUS; Arm Test, which is used in the holistic testing of muscles, is a communication way provided by connecting with the three levels of the mind, conscious, subconscious and superconscious (Higher Self). The conscious mind allows us to clearly determine our goals. Clarity of our purposes is very important when contacting the subconscious and superconscious. Our subconscious is the repository of our behaviors, values ​​and beliefs. Our automatic reactions, habits are controlled by our subconscious. Our superconscious (higher self) has the wisdom and perspective that our subconscious and conscious minds do not have. The task of the superconscious is to harmonize the conscious mind with the subconscious mind, to guide them, to clarify their intentions, and to create "meaningful coincidences" for the realization of these intentions. Some call these meaningful coincidences "luck". It is very difficult and tiring to achieve our goals in matters where our conscious and subconscious are in conflict. In such cases, will and awareness are not enough. But since we do not know what kind of
records we have in the subconscious, we do not know how to create this harmony. When the conscious purpose and subconscious programming are not in harmony, the superconsciousness receives mixed messages. This leads to undesired results. We complain that our wishes are not fulfilled. This situation is similar to pressing both the gas and the brake of the car at the same time. Our consciousness is like the gas pedal of the car, and our subconscious is like the brake pedal. Although our consciousness wants to go to the direction it wants to go by pressing the gas pedal, if our subconscious does not approve this, it also shows its own choice by pressing the brake. PiKi techniques include setting our goals with our conscious mind; It enables us to discover the subconscious programs and change them in accordance with our purposes and to benefit from the wisdom of the superconsciousness. Your consciousness is to you; Your subconscious mind is saying that you need to maintain this relationship, get this seniority, and overcome this disease; He says that you are not worthy of this relationship, this seniority, that the illness meets your need for attention and affection. The result is separation with a pointless fight, deprivation of seniority due to an unconscious mistake, and a disease that arises in another part of the body after treatment or surgery. With PiKi, you learn the methods and practices that your subconscious will no longer sabotage you. PiKi techniques allow you to break down your subconscious walls that are sabotaging you towards achieving your goals. It is possible with PiKi to harmonize your subconscious and conscious beliefs. This harmony creates great potential for you. Using the potential is entirely your choice. Only you can take the steps to realize your goals.

1. Health is the natural state of human beings. All diseases are caused by an energy imbalance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Imbalance in any dimension creates stress. Balancing this stress and the emotional energy flow associated with stress is the first step. The onset of every disease always first occurs in the spiritual dimension, after a while it is reflected in the physical dimension.
2. The priority is to prevent diseases (mentally, emotionally or physically) before they occur. The PiKi is not intended for emergencies but can still be used for support purposes.
3. Every person is responsible for his own healing.
4. All problems begin at the energy level. True healing can only happen in this dimension.
5. PiKi is a method of energy therapy. The human body, mind, emotions and spirit is a ball of energy. Everything is energy. The main reason underlying our mental, spiritual and physical problems is that our energy has lost its balance, weakened or become blocked and unable to move. The fact that the energy that makes up our body is active and fluid determines both our health and happiness. We can heal our body by correcting our weakened, scattered or imbalanced energy and activating our natural energy.

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